A pendant adds personality to a piece of jewelry. It can turn a simple, ordinary band  into something elegant-looking and chic. Just like if you have the best pendant lighting in your house, which can make any space look even more appealing.

In just the same manner, pendant lights add charm to any home like a pendant on a necklace. Just like the sparkle that a piece of jewel may radiate, it provides additional, beautiful illumination. Pendant lights serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. They can be used as utility fixtures and as accent pieces to any space in your home.

Pendant Lighting System For Every House

Also known as a drop or suspender, this type of lighting fixture can be hung from the ceiling, suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod. Pendant lights scatter more light to the space where it is installed. They can also be installed in multiples and in a straight line over counter tops, dining tables, or bathrooms.

A pendant light can easily create the mood and lighting texture that you would like to have at any given time and at any space. Unlike fixed lighting, this type of lighting system can be hang over any area in the house. It can be moved or re-positioned easily as well. Hang the lights at any height that you prefer or have them placed at a closer to the space or any other element in the home that you would like to highlight.

This type of lighting system is appropriate when building, even when renovating a house. Depending on the design this light, it can make a kitchen, bedroom, or any other part of the house look modern or traditional.

Types of Pendant Lights

The Pendant Light

There are many different kinds of pendant lights to choose from, and all say something different about the home’s style.

Modern pendant lights are energy saving low-voltage lights that use halogen, LED, or fluorescent bulbs. They come in a wide variety of sizes and designed in a variety of materials, such as metal, glass, plastic, even with fabric materials.

Clear Glass Pendant Lights

Clear glass pendants diffuse light in all direction more effectively. This makes them perfect for spaces like the kitchen and bathroom. The metal elements in these lights, such as polished chrome and brushed nickel, enhances the distribution of the light even more.

Drum-shaped Pendant Lights

Drum shaped pendant lights that are made of cloth are best for living rooms since the fabric in them collect dust easily. All that they would need is some quick dusting to remove the collected dirt.

Plastic Pendant Lights

Plastic pendants are the cheapest. However, their colors fade easily over time. They are best placed in corners and nooks where there is not much traffic to make them last longer. They are perfect to be installed in multiples to serve its aesthetic purpose.

A single pendant that is of the right size will be perfect for an entryway where a single source of lighting is enough. Having such an installation also makes the space an artistic focal point. The right-sized pendant also works well above a dining room table and will its aesthetic purpose.

There are also small pendants that can be great alternatives to track lighting. They emit  bright lights with just the right amount of intensity, and will be perfect for task lighting in work areas, such as the kitchen.

Advantages of Pendant Lights

Just like any other element that can be used when building or renovating a living space, this lighting system comes in many different styles and brands, each creating a different appeal for a specific space.

Considering that a pendant light is an inexpensive and less bulky option compared to chandeliers, it has become a favored option by many homeowners. They also do a great task lighting work spaces like the kitchen. They enhance the appeal of the space, at the same time fulfill its primary function as a lighting source. They are also a great space saver yet provide more ambient lighting over a great surface area.

Choosing the Best Pendant Lighting

When shopping to have the right pendant lighting for your living or work space, you need to be specific of the purpose and the location where these lights will serve.

Pendant fixtures usually are designed for general or task lighting. A single low pendant light will be just right for narrow areas that need to be illuminated.

The size of these pendants also vary from about two inches to a multiple pendant fixtures that are about 22 to 48 inches in diameter and are designed to brighten small task areas bigger areas. So, it is important that you find the lights that will be well-suited for a particular space. For instance, for a pendant light that will be needed to be placed over a dining table, look for one that is just about half the width of the table.

You should also consider the color and style of the pendant lights that will blend well with the space.

Finally, check out for high quality finishes on the lights to ensure that you will only get the best pendant lighting for your living space.