It has been a trend in many countries to use smart household gadgets to improve the quality of the citizens’ lives. We have robotic vacuums for cleaning, smart thermostats for temperature control, automatic feeders for our lovely pets, and home doorbell cameras for home security, which is what we are going discuss today.

When selecting which model to buy, you would want to choose between hardwired and wireless doorbell camera. If you want the easy-to-install, cheap and portable one (on some occasions), or you are currently a renter and don’t want to mess with the landlord, the best battery doorbell camera will certainly meet the demand. This article here will provide you customers with everything vital to purchase the most suitable product.

Battery Doorbell Camera

Here, we have several typical features to take into account:

  1. Visual

Your modern doorbell should transmit live high-definition videos (720p at least), which assures the sharpness as well as the smoothness of the images. If it is also equipped with night vision function and a high level of FOV (field of view), your security will be greatly strengthened, in terms of time and view respectively.

  1. Motion Alert

The motion sensor should be high-tech enough to not only be able to detect movements but also analyse which one is suspicious enough to be alerted. You don’t want to be notified just because of a passer-by or a bird flying through. Also, in case of real danger spotted, there should be a real-time notification in your phone right away, and not some footages from 5 minutes ago.

  1. Audio

If there are visitors at the front door, it can only be sufficient if you can both see them and talk to them. Fortunately, most brands nowadays have included 2-way audio for communication. This is obviously useful, especially when that’s a delivery man or someone asking for direction and you don’t want to leave your place but still want to give full details to them.

Another thing you need to decide is the chime: take your time listening to all notification sound choice before setting the one that suits you most as default. Subsequently, how well the sound distributes throughout the house is aslo a matter as it’s not really desirable to be limited in one or two room only or miss some important calls outside. This issue becomes serious when it comes to those who have hearing impairment, fortunately, however, there have been numerous products designed for the hearing loss community.

  1. Battery Options and Installation Options

Check how what you buy can be powered: either by disposable or rechargeable battery. It is recommended that the rechargeables are a better choice, as it will save quite an amount of money, as well as be more environmentally-friendly compared to the disposables.

You can also install the device with drill and screw, or instead, you can just buy a peel & stick product, which saves more time.

  1. Durability and Warranty

Your product needs to be able to withstand extreme weather and atmosphere outside; the environement’s impact should be reduced to the minimum. You’d want to look for those which are weatherproof and suitable for your local climate.

If there is any sign of defectiveness or robbery, you should have the right to ask for replacement from the manufacturers without extra charges. Keep in mind that the warranty periods usually cover one or two years, starting from the date of purchase.

  1. Costs

Apart from the purchase cost, or component cost, varying considerably from $19.99 to $349.99, you need to pay extra fees for data cloud storage, which can be up to $10 per month. Of course, you can use local storage (via a microSD card) to avoid such charges, depending on your financial state.

  1. Smart integration

Most of the doorbell brands nowadays have cooperation with others like Google or Amazon, so it’s obvious that you can activate your bell just by demanding Google Assistant or Alexa.

Besides, you can synchronize the device with other smart home ones, making your life even easier and more comfortable.

  1. Aesthetic

This doesn’t really affect the expense, but if you want to decorate your house, you should think about it. Consider the size, color, material, illumination and location. The final result should be harmonious with the building.

So, with these 8 major keys, we hope that you won’t have any difficulty deciding which is the best battery doorbell for you.